Wren House Brewing Company

Spellbinder With Kohia Nelson 4-pack

If this happens to be your first Spellbinder variant, the process is simple: we take our GABF Gold Medal Hazy IPA recipe which stands firmly on the shoulders of malted oats, malted wheat, and AZ Grown Sonoran White Wheat and replace its typical hand-selected Citra/Mosaic heavy Dry Hop with unique hop varietals from around the world, in this case, Kohia Nelson. The in-glass experience reads something like the original but with a unique, bright, hoppy twist. Kohia Nelson is packing our noses, mouths, and hearts with a juicy fruit-like candied passionfruit, apricot, and lime experience that's whisking us away to that Kiwi laden land far away. It's soft. It's bright. It's ripe. It's like booking a tropical vacation in January...
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